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Pennsylvania Congress Update

A battle over who will be in control of the house dominating the first day of the legislative year in Harrisburg.

Crispin Havener is in Harrisburg with the latest.

It was a day of pomp, circumstance, and politicking as the house tried to figure out who will lead. Making for an interesting day for some of the Freshmen Reps.

“It been an exciting day it’s finally come to fruiting all the campaigning and orientation it’s exciting.”

It began with the pageantry of the swearing in of 49 House and 6 Senate Freshmen members.

Among them two local newcomers. Republican Dallas Kephart of the 73rd district, covering Clearfield and Cambria Counties…while Democrat Paul Takac will take office in the newly drawn 82nd district in Centre County.

Then the expected drama began. But it was not one played out on the floor. The house quickly went into recess when republicans started moving forward with selecting a speaker. This has been an issue for weeks as republicans say they have the actual majority while democrats say they have the elected majority as they await special elections.. it’s led to a day of negotiations. Somerset county rep. Carl metzgar of Somerset county said he was selected this morning by the party to be the speaker nominee but those we’ve talked to here saying discussions about finding a compromise became the talk of the afternoon.

“I’m just listening to know what’s going on it’s not real clear.”

“Whenever it is done it will be done…the same thi is going on in dc these sometimes happens when the majority and minorities are so small it becomes an issue.”

When the special elections will be held to settle this once and for all still remains to be seen .

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