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Cambria County Box 11 Program

A New organization in Cambria County is making an impact in the lives of first responders. Box, 11 is a community-based initiative that supports first responders in emergency situations. The group is held a meet and greet event on Wednesday in the public safety building in Johnstown to greet their new volunteers.

The group came together after witnessing some pretty severe fires last winter to help local responders. They provide services like food, hydration, and warming and cooling areas among many others.

“We don’t often think that when first responders are out there performing their functions, there are the extremes that they’re dealing with, Heat, cold, just nourishment and things like that.”

Originally starting with just a couple of volunteers, the group is growing bigger and bigger with around 15 more joining at the meet and greet and interest growing in the North and South of the county.

“The support we’ve got from people reaching out saying I’d love to be involved in helping people, I don’t want to go to burning buildings, I don’t want to go to car wrecks, but this is a way that I can give back and to help support my community and local first responders.”

Lianna Weir is a volunteer in the organization. She has been in the fire service since childhood and highlights the incredible impact that these small acts of care have during emergency situations.

“Just providing a little bit of comfort in those situations not only to the first responders but to the victims of the incidents as well, It’s something so incredibly important to every incident to every call.”

If you are a first responder in need of Box 11, you can request them by calling the Cambria County 911 and asking for special services 11. If you’d like to volunteer with Box 11 reach out to them on their Facebook page.

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