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New Charges Filed Against Former Somerset County DA

A civil lawsuit has been filed against former Somerset County District Attorney Jeffrey Thomas, Somerset County and the Somerset County District Attorney’s Office.

In the suit filed Sept. 15, the plaintiff, who is listed as Jane Doe, seeks compensation for nine counts stemming from a Sept. 18, 2021 incident at the woman’s home.

The suit also alleges that Somerset County officials had known that Thomas had a history of being “disrespectful, sexually harassing and even assaultive to women” prior to the 2021 incident.

The suit, filed by attorney Walter Nalducci, of Pittsburgh, in the Western District of Pennsylvania in U.S. federal court, does not specify how much compensation the woman is seeking.

The suit also demands that a jury trial be held on the matter.

In March, Thomas was convicted on six counts stemming from a 2021 assault at a Windber-area home.

Last month, he was sentenced to 27 to 84 months in state prison for that case.

Thomas was elected as Somerset County district attorney in 2019 but was suspended after charges were filed against him.

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