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North Star Band Boosters Under Invesigation

A member of the North Star High School’s Band Boosters is under investigation after funds were found missing from the group’s accounts.

North Star High School’s Band Boosters, a group organized by parents in order to raise funds for the school’s band, held a meeting on Monday evening to discuss the ongoing financial investigations that have to do with missing funds from their accounts. The group had the Boswell Police as well as a detective from the county DA’s office there to discuss the investigation.

“The district attorney’s office is here tonight to discuss an ongoing investigation into some financial matters, The investigation is continuing and until charges are filed public disclosure of what exactly the incidents are, I’m not able to get into at this time.”

While the investigation is ongoing, parents emphasize the impact the lack of funds have on the students.

“It’s making it a very difficult year for us, It’s going to be very hard to give the kids the things that they’re used to. We have kids this year that are seniors that will miss out on experiences that they deserve to have this year.”

The group also highlights the importance of the lesson that a loss of funds like this brings to the community.

“I think that we want to protect other schools and other boosters from going through the same thing as well, We’ve learned and now we’re going to have safeguards in place to not have something like this happen again and we just want to protect other people.”

The DA’s office tells us that charges are still pending but should be brought forward soon.

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