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Work Begins On Prospect Community Homes

Heartache, pain, and misery. That’s how one former Prospect Community resident describes what he’s been through since being forced to leave the Johnstown Housing Community because of structural issues in the buildings.

Each of the 110 apartments in all 19 buildings at Johnstown’s Prospect Community need work according to Johnstown Housing Authority Executive Director Michael Alberts.

Now contractors that are signed to do general construction, electric, and plumbing work are on site.

“We’re replacing all the roofs, all the ceilings, floors all get replaced with VCT. All new bathrooms, toilets, showers, and bathtubs. We’re tearing all the cabinets out right now and we’re going to start ceilings tomorrow.
The electricians and plumbers are here also. They started removing all the lights and all the toilets.”

Also making the trip to the community on Monday is former resident Jeffrey Matula Jr to take in the sight of work getting underway.

“It just feels good now that it’s actually reality now. The hard part is over. The paperwork is done. Now we can actually sit back and watch the progression of our homes being done, being done right.”

Contractors say they’re starting on one side of prospect and will continue moving along to the other properties.

They do continue to expect people will move in as work is finished in sections of the community.

“The project is slated for a year. I think we’ll probably have some people move back in I’m going to guess within maybe six months probably. I think they want to start up here in unit A, they want to start moving
them in from that direction.”

A former resident says he’s thankful for supporters the have helped get their community members through what he calls heartache, pain, and misery over the last nearly year of time

But he says it won’t be right until he’s back in the place he still calls home.

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