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Dubois Community Days Canceled

New tonight we have more information as to why the Community Days and Fireman’s Parade was canceled this year.

Reporter Zac Kaye heard what residents say and what they’re doing at the Dubois City Council meeting tonight.

“We can say that there will in fact be an event and it will happen in that time slot.”

Community Days draws thousands of people to the area and is completely free to attend.

Organizers say this year’s event won’t go by the same name, but they say it will be similar.

According to Downtown Dubois Incorporated it will happen on June 14th & 15th, when Community Days was supposed to be.

“We have so many wonderful businesses stepping up, they want to be part of putting on something for the community in place of Community Days.”

During the meeting, one of the Chiefs from Dubois Volunteer Fire Department said that they are disappointed they can’t host Community Days this year.

Residents talked about how Community Days has been a staple for more than thirty summers.

Darouge says the community deserves a celebration.

“Our community, they support us through thick and thin, they’re in this with us and it’s nice to give something back for them to come out and enjoy and be a part of and celebrate with everyone.”

The organizers of the new event say they don’t have a name for it yet, but will be releasing that information and more soon.


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