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Womens Self Defense

The United Nations recently reported that one in every 3 women experience some kind of assault and numbers of incidents are higher due to the after effects of the pandemic.

Unfortunately those numbers rise even higher during the holidays when there is added stress.

Miller’s Martial Arts offers women self-defense classes in order to increase their awareness and give them a valuable tool to potentially escape dangerous situations.

“If we can give women a little bit of awareness and like I said whether they come one time, two time or all nine times in that year, if they can remember something that could save them or potentially create distance between them and their attackers so that they can get away, and go home and see their loved ones that’s kind of the biggest thing for us.”

“The three things that we would tell everybody is to know your surroundings. If it feels wrong then it probably is and you should probably leave and if you are in a situation, it’s got to be quick and go you’re not going to stay and hangout and continue to fight.”

“For me being a military spouse, I am alone a lot and it is something that I worry about. Being alone on the street and something happening. So, at least now I have more of an ability to protect myself.”

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