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Tyrone Armory Turkey Dinner

Another event that was happening this evening was their 3rd annual Thanksgiving dinner at the Tyrone Armory in Blair County.

The Tyrone Armory director says without the volunteers from throughout Tyrone, this event would not happen.

So what was served? 27 Turkeys were cooked, 160 pounds of potatoes, 32 pounds each of corn and green beans, and over 600 desserts to over 600 people.

Volunteers also delivered food for people that are unable to get to the armory.

“This might be there only warm meal for the season. I got a lot of phone calls this week especially that people were thankful and the felt blessed that we do this. It’s nice to be able to give people a hot meal.”

The Armory is always looking for volunteers for this annual event going into next Thanksgiving.

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