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Winter Driving Safety Advise

Earlier this week we told you about 6 people being struck and killed on a Pennsylvania Highway.

It happened when they got out of their vehicle during a separate crash.

Brock Owens asked officials what drivers should do if they find themselves in a similar situation.

After a car lost control and hit a barrier on Interstate 81 in Lackawanna County four women got out of the car along with a woman coming from a different car.

A truck going down the highway hit and killed all five women according to authorities.

Local and State officials say if you’re involved in a crash on the highway make sure to avoid the roadway.

“We remind everyone to not enter, cross or walk close to any travel lanes because traffic is moving on the interstate at very high speeds and they cant see any pedestrians that may be on the roadway”

They say if you’re able to get your car off the road and stay there.

“Most of the time being in your vehicle is going to be just about the safest place.”

But in a case where the crashed car may be smoking or the car cannot be taken off the road officials say find a nearby building or higher ground.

“If you don’t feel safe in your car then you can always retreat from your car and make sure you get to a safe area. You want to make sure that you’re out of the way that if another vehicle does come sliding that it’s not
going to slide into you. And if you do leave the scene that you contact police to let them know where you’re at.”

If a minor crash involves multiple cars.

“If nobody’s injured and no vehicles need to be towed, pull off the road and exchange information.”

But if there are injuries and first responders are working at the scene authorities remind the public of the State’s move over law.

“Try not to focus in on the accident scene and by all means slow down and pull over. If you’re on a four-lane divided highway you want to immediately take that left lane and try to proceed past the accident scene as slow as

Officials say if it is not possible to pull into the left lane make sure you are traveling at least 25 miles per hour below the speed limit.

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