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Westmont Hilltop Threats

The Westmont Hilltop School District announcing that for Thursday will be a Flexible Instruction Day. The decision comes after 2 threats were made on social media on Wednesday.

District Officials and Law Enforcement continue to investigate threats. The first was made Wednesday morning where School Officials told Parents and Students that one of their Student Organizations received a threat on their social media account. Officials say the threatening message was directed toward a specific adult in the secondary school building.

Officials say they increased Police patrols around the Schools throughout the day, as a precaution. They say another threatening message was received later in the day. Upper Yoder Township Police Chief John Blake saying: “Another school linked Instagram account received a message from the same person. That gave a more specific threat for (Thursday). We began investigating that, in conjunction with the F.B.I. to try tracking down whose Instagram account this is coming from.”

Officials say at no point in time were any Students threatened.

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