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State Trooper Shot

A State Trooper was shot Wednesday morning in Northumberland County. Authorities say it was while assisting Watsontown Police at a reported Domestic Disturbance along Fourth Street — that the suspect fled the scene. It was later they say the Trooper was shot in the leg during an exchange of gunfire with the suspect. Authorities identify him as 19-year-old Hunter Shaheen, saying he was also shot during the exchange.

Investigators say the shooting happened on Eighth Street in nearby Delaware Township at an apartment complex. Both the Trooper and the Suspect were taken to a nearby Hospital. A State Police spokesperson says the Trooper was released from the Hospital Wedneday afternoon with Authorities yet to identify the Trooper. State Police say Shaheen is in stable condition and has been charged.

The spokesperson says all involved with the shooting are on administrative leave as is protocol after a shooting like this. The Watsontown Police Chief declined to comment on the matter at the scene, deferring to State Police. All this disrupting the quietness of this town, with shooting incidents like this bringing concern to area resident like Janice Faux. Faux saying: “It’s… it’s just a shame that we can’t do anything. The domestic… I mean the guns that are so rampant. There’s, you know… There’s no solution.”

State Police are still investigating the matter.

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