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U.S. Air Quality Alerts

More than 1 in 5 Americans spent the day under air quality alerts today as smoke from Canadian wildfires makes its way across much of the US.

Emily Schmidt reports on the smoke creating real problems and clouding immediate futures.

So many people spent Wednesday trying to describe what was in the air.

“That building right there is two blocks away.”

Perspectives shifted along with the landscapes.

“If only you could smell how bad it is, it’s unreal.”

In these shades of Orange, and Gray there’s more than meets the eye.

“The air quality index hit 484. This is the highest level index of our knowledge since the 60’s.”

New York’s air quality for a time the worst in the World and more cities face growing health risks.

“For years we’ve been wearing masks indoors and taking them off outdoors, and now it’s the reverse.”

Almost 2000 flights were delayed Nationwide, New Jersey closed state offices.

“It’s either bad or really bad, depending on where you are.”

The smoke comes from Canada where 239 fires are out of control forcing 20,000 people from their homes.

“We’re seeing vulnerable people at risk, outdoor events cancelled, kids having to be kept inside at recess.”

The White House has sent help across the border but it can’t stop what’s coming from the other direction.

“Smoke is something that is notoriously difficult to forecast.”

Which could mean this isn’t the last we’ve seen of this.

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