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Local Air Quality

The smoke from wildfires in Canada putting millions of Americans under air quality alerts. And the National Weather Service issuing Red Flag Warnings across the state.

Nicole Fuschino tells us what health experts say we should all do to protect ourselves and loved ones

If you’ve been looking outside you might notice these hazy skies looking like something out of a movie.

“You don’t know if it’s the sun or the moon, or you’re on the Earth or a different planet. It’s quite weird looking outside.”

It’s due to poor air quality from recent wildfires in Canada with the particles drifting down to the United States.

Millions of Pennsylvanians are under a poor air quality alert and are encouraged to limit their time outdoors.

“There’s lots of fine particles in the air can cause basically some breathing issues, even for people who consider themselves healthy.”

Canadian officials say there are more than 150 active wildfires burning in Quebec.

Those considered healthy should limit their time outdoors

And those with asthma, copd, and lung problems should be extra careful

“They have to have their medication handy if they have more shortness of breath, they use their medication more often. They should contact their physician or pulmonologist or lung doctor if their symptoms significantly worsen.”

He says to monitor the air quality in your region by looking up the air quality index on your computer or smartphone.

“As the number goes higher, the air quality gets poorer. When you get to 100, it’s unhealthy for sensitive people. When you get to above 150, it’s basically unhealthy for everybody.”

The doctor tells us that he doesn’t recommend wearing a mask just focusing on limiting your time outside. But he says if you have to run outside quickly to go shopping or run an errand you should be fine.

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