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Two Officers Hurt In Somerset County House Fire

There has been an update on the condition of two somerset police officers who were injured while rescuing a woman from a burning building Tuesday on Clark Street in Somerset Borough.

Both officers that assisted in the rescue of the woman trapped in her home have been discharged from the hospital after suffering smoke inhalation.

At around 1:30 Tuesday afternoon, first responders were called to the home for a report of a basement fire.

Police officers Kevin Huzsek and Stephen Borosky were nearby.

Borosky says Huzsek was there first and that he quickly determined that a woman was trapped in a bedroom on the lower level.

He said Huzsek broke the basement window with his baton.

“He then crawled through the window, which the room was completely filled with smoke, and he was able to extricate the individual to the window. Myself and another patrol officer at that time, we were arriving simultaneously, we were able to take the female from the window location and take her to a point of safety.”

Borosky tells us within two minutes of rescuing the woman, the room, window, and entire lower level were completely engulfed in flames.

“Without him being that close and without his quick actions and without him making that entry, I think we would’ve had a completely different outcome. If we had waited until the fire department arrived, which had a quick response, we wouldn’t have been able to rescue her in the condition we rescued her.”

He said ambulances arrived and immediately took the woman to the hospital. Meanwhile, Borosky said he performed first aid on Huzsek and traveled to the hospital with him after another ambulance arrived.

There, Borosky said Huzsek was treated for smoke inhalation, as well as other cuts and scrapes.

“I went with him as part of the rescue just for the support and supervisory. When I got to the hospital, they deemed that, because of my appearance and breathing, that I required triage and treatment there as well.”

He said the officers were both treated and returned to work Wednesday morning.

The injuries of the victim are still unknown at this time.

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