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The Other Half of the Story

The Bishop McCort Catholic High School French students of Leana Maloney-Pears and Mary Clare Piatak thoroughly enjoyed making a French-themed Christmas video for Fox 8 News Now at Christmas.  In fact, the French students were so excited about the experience, they asked to do an Easter segment to tell the other half of the story.
And this time, even more French students wanted to participate.  In addition to the narration of Luke’s Easter story in French and in English, the students portrayed some of the miracles Jesus performed during his lifetime. The miracles are captioned in French and English.  Thanks to Evonne Yanzetich-Homway for piano accompaniment; Jonathan Shetler for guitar accompaniment and Sherry Stalley for filming the video.
Leana Maloney-Pears’ and Mary Clare Piatak’s French students are filled with Easter joy and are delighted to share Christ’s message of salvation.
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