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Somerset County Oil Spill

An oil spill clean up is underway in Stoystown.

This comes after officials say the piping for the heating system at Highland Tank and Manufacturing was installed incorrectly.

Officials with Highland Tank and Manufacturing Company say they discovered the oil leak October 27th.

“Anytime a hazardous material escapes its container or vessel and enters into our environment that poses a concern for multiple reasons.”

“It’s a flammable liquid and they’re classified based upon their flammability.”

Joel Landis the director for the Somerset County Department of Emergency Services recommends…

“That the local residents, folks that are traveling through the area be cautious of the clean up.”

McCutcheon Enterprises is currently the contracted clean up crew on site. Company officials say they believe most of the impact from the spill has been limited to the soil on highland tank property, but they say an unknown amount did make its way through the surrounding environment to oven run creek which has one local resident concerned.

“I hope they catch it in time that it don’t harm no people, or animals or wildlife.”

“If it don’t get cleaned up properly, it’s going to be a mess.”

Crew members from McChutcheon say a lot of the oil has been cleaned up but crews will remain on site for a few more weeks.

“We’re currently working with State, Federal agencies in the mitigation and recovery of the fuel oil from the facility.”

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