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Shots Fired In Moxham Neighborhood

Moxham residents are shaken after a shots fired incident that occurred Saturday Morning.

According to the Tribune Democrat, Johnstown City Police responded to a shots-fired incident at around 2:30am on Saturday night in the Bridge Street area of Johnstown’s Moxham neighborhood. We spoke with a resident who witnessed the shootout.

“I woke up about 2:10 in the morning. I was eating something out of my refrigerator, it was just one of those nights and the next thing you know you could hear shots being fired. I thought it was fireworks, that someone was celebrating thunder in the valley a little too late. I ran out onto my front porch just to see two men running through here shooting at each other. Cars pulling off, guns being fired.”

The incident proved to be almost deadly for Warhul whose house was struck by a wayward bullet.

“So, unfortunately, one of the bullets goes through my daughter’s window almost killing her in bed. It’s not the first-time shots have been fired at this bar.” 06:23:16

“It blew through 4 panes of glass and lodged into the wall.”

Warhul is a life-long resident of the neighborhood and tells us he tries hard to make it a positive and inviting space.

“We’re trying to make the neighborhood nicer. We go around painting mural around here, doing neighborhood cleanups and we went from trying to make Johnstown a better place to my wife telling me she wants to get the hell out here.”

But despite his efforts, he feels that not enough is being done in order to prevent instances of gun violence.

“City council, our government, our police, we need to crack down on this someway. I don’t think we’re giving it, we want to stay positive about Johnstown which God knows I understand, I’d like to be positive but it’s kind of hard to be positive when you’re in a Kevlar jacket hiding behind a corner of your bedroom because you might be killed here at any minute.”

“I’ve been saying eventually one of these bullets is going to come over and hit one of the houses and kill somebody. I had no idea it was going to be my house and possibly my own kid.” 06:23;32

We contacted the Johnstown City Police for further comment but have not heard back.

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