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Somerset County Drone Camp

Young minds in Somerset County are seizing the opportunity to learn how to fly drones for various different applications. Racing, programming, and looking through their cameras to give a first person view of flying, are just a few ways people are learning.

“Drones are an emerging technology, and there’s all kinds of new applications that are being discovered in the workforce. So, it’s just good for kids now to get a taste of it and learn how to fly it in case they have an interest in going into those emerging careers in the future.” says the Laurel Highlands Educations and Robotics president, Michele Lamkin. She says the equipment is already at the facility, so you’d just need to bring yourself and the desire to learn.

The program has people practice using a simulator before flying inside, then flying outdoors. Instructors say having the ability to modify the intensity of your controls can help machines like drones be used in situations that are dangerous for humans.

A student of the drone camp, Eli Nicoletti says applications for drones have and can be used in many different ways, including to save lives. “If there was a fire, you could take it through the fire to find where people need help, or find missing people, stuff like that. So, people don’t have to get hurt trying to find other people.”

Nicoletti also says the ability to modify each of the drones properties has allowed him to gain control to navigate. He says how the camp is set up has made the learning process easier than expected.

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