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School District Reasons Behind Cold Weather Delays

And with the ongoing blustery and frigid weather our region isn’t the only one seeing school delays hundreds of schools in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware were delayed today due to the bitter cold temperatures.

The temps feeling like single digits across the region.

Local officials say one of the main reasons a delay could occur on a cold day is because they want to make sure school buses are safely prepared and ready to go.

They say the diesel fuel that some buses run on can gel in cold weather and the buses need time to warm up and get the diesel anti gel in their system.

According to school officials if these precautions are not taken the buses could break down causing more issues because of the colder temperatures.

Another reason for a delay is to make sure parents especially of younger children know to dress their kids appropriately especially for when they’re waiting at the bus stop

“We have to use common sense. We can’t delay school every day because of wind chill. However, the first few times we do it to get the parents on notice that, hey it’s time to make sure your kids are appropriately dressed “

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