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School Bus Safety “Operation Safe Stop”

Between 2018 and 2022, over 25 thousand drivers in PA were cited for either speeding in a school zone or illegally passing a school bus according to PA state court data. Last month, the Pennsylvania state senate even passed a bill which would extend the distance that drivers need to keep between themselves and school buses during stops.

On Monday, the Shapiro administration released the results of PennDOT’s “Operation Safe Stop.” An annual one-day targeted enforcement and education event where law enforcement documents drivers violating Pennsylvania’s School Bus Stopping Law. This year the report showed 40% fewer violations compared to last year.

“There were 176 violations of the school bus stopping law witnessed by school bus drivers and law enforcement agencies during this year’s campaign,”

While this data offers a glimpse from just a single day, officials emphasize that it shows how widespread the problem is.

“Every incident involves a risk to school-aged children, Just imagine how many incidents go unreported and that should give you an idea of why we’re here today.”

Last year the results of the event showed 252 violations of the law. Officials remind us of the penalties as well as life-long consequences that these violations can cause.

“The penalties are severe for drivers, When a driver is convicted of violating Pennsylvania school bus stopping law, the driver will receive a 60-day driver’s license suspension, five points on their driving record and a 250 dollar fine.”


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