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Residents Fight Against Proposed Asphalt Plant In Richland Township

Wednesday, a commonwealth court heard an appeal to plans that would bring an asphalt plant to Cambria county. Deliberations lasting for around 5 hours.

Those who live near the proposed site say they don’t want it after the plans were approved by the Richland township zoning board in august of last year.

That decision to allow Quaker sales to build the plant is being appealed by area residents. The plant would be located near scalp avenue and Eisenhower boulevard.

The judge overseeing the case and representatives from both sides of the argument touring the proposed site this morning before starting court proceedings.

The residents are being represented by attorneys Wayne Langerholc, joseph Green and Mike Carbonara. They say under current ordinances, there should be nothing seen or emitted from the plant. “I think it’s pretty evident that the Richland township zoning board is trying to cram a manufacturing district, into a light industrial.” says Green.

The defense arguing the type of plant is the “cleanest available” and they just need approval from the department of environmental protection to open.

“Both sides presented their positions, and the judge, once he gets the transcripts, we’ll go ahead and make this decision. And whether it’s an ongoing case. That’s as far as I can go with it.”

Green says a bakery, church, and banks are examples of what are permitted in a light industrial zone.

The judge did not make a final decision today.

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