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Repairs Begin On Incline Flag Pole

What’s known as the largest free-flying American flag over an inclined-plane is finally being reconstructed.

It was back in may that the flagpole was removed due to structural issues but work has finally begun to put it back together.

The parts to re-erect the pole that holds the giant American flag that flies over Johnstown have been delivered to the top of the inclined plane.

“The first phase of the re-erection as started today, Whereas the physical flagpole was delivered to the site and over the period of a few days the flag pole will be put in place.”

The old flagpole was removed back in may after concerns about the pole’s condition.

The flag was raised in 1989 by the Centennial Flag Committee in order to show a visible sign of freedom on top of the inclined plane. Over the years, the flag was maintained by the Cambria county transit authority, or Camtran, but with concerns regarding the condition of the pole.

Officials saying rust on the pole could have compromised its ability to hold the flag.

That’s when Camtran decided to reach out for fundraising for a new one. Raising over 80 thousand dollars.

“You certainly can tell that patriotism is alive and well in the Johnstown area, We have had overwhelming support for this effort. We had targeted approximately 70 thousand dollars as our goal to start with and we probably will raise approximately 90 thousand.”

A ceremony to raise the flag will be held on Veteran’s Day on November 11th.

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