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Punxsutawney Council Fires City Manager

Punxsutawney Borough Council met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday evening after firing Borough manager Toby Santik last month and also reprimanding another employee.

We spoke with the vice president of the borough council to try to get some more information about the events that led to the termination.

Punxsutawney Borough Council fired borough manager Robert Tony Santik and reprimanded treasurer Emily States-Pearce over alleged actions dating back to September 2022.

During a previous council meeting, Eric Story, a council member, made the first motion to suspend the borough manager saying “ this is related to an incident initiated in Sept.8, 2022 through Dec. 14, 2022.”

We asked Borough Vice President Justin Cameron about what that incident actually entailed.

“I honestly am not at liberty to discuss the details and the specifics of the incidents surrounding the issues at this time To my knowledge there has been no criminal investigation there.”

We also asked him if the incident involved any audits of public money.

“Not to my knowledge, not yet, I wouldn’t expect them to.”

Cameron also told us that the council is working on appointing a new borough manager.

“We are doing everything in our power to do that as quickly as possible and do it legally and properly, going through the proper channels,”

We filed a Right-to-Know request in April asking for records of the borough’s final action to discharge borough manager Toby Santik. At this moment we have not received those documents.

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