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Prospect Homes Update

25 Days. That’s the time left for people living in the Prospect community of Johnstown to get out of their homes. However as our McKenzie Jarrell reports relocation plans remain unclear.

“This is a community; this is a beautiful community that was here. It’s a small one, but it’s a really good one.”

This is Kimberly Hardwick she has called the prospect community home for more than five years but within a month it won’t be anymore. Told to leave her home because of structural issues

Michael Alberts the Executive Director of the Johnstown Housing Authority said in an email that vacating the entire Prospect community was decided after part of a ceiling fell on top of a resident.

And he said preliminary reports indicated that could happen to any ceiling in the Prospect community.

“What I’ve heard, I have no confirmation is there’s about 101 units that actually house folks and then there’s individual persons, I think it’s over 200, so with families, children and otherwise.”

Tracy Selak is an administartor for the Cambria County Behavioral Health was an official who assisted Towne Manor Motel residents relocate when that building was set to be condemned just a few months ago

“We’ve been in touch. We’ve had some conversations with Mike Alberts, and we’ve offered our support and assistance.”

“We’re kind of letting them do their initial contact with the individuals.”

And as of Monday the Johnstown Housing Authority began discussing relocation options with prospect community residents

“They gave me options. We have options.”

“Well there’s Coopersdale, there’s Oakhurst, there’s Solomon Homes, there’s, what do you call that Portage, Bedford.”

Hardwick like many residents wants to stay in the Prospect community and remains hopeful she wont be relocated permanently

“In time they may say it will be once they inspect everything and it is possible for us to come back and live here, why sure, you know what I’m saying?”

The next Johnstown Housing Authority meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday.

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