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Conemaugh Township Supervisors Meeting

The RES Coal company gave a presentation at a regularly scheduled township supervisor’s meeting on Wednesday evening. While nothing is set in stone, some residents are concerned about the impact of mining on the local area.

RES Coal is petitioning for a zoning change on a property between the village of Jerome and the Jenner Township line near the Quemahoning reservoir in Conemaugh Township. The company presented some details to the township supervisors stating that they hope to mine coal from 36 acres of the property. A resident expressed concerns about the potential mining taking place, stating that it would impact the farming in the area and disrupt the environment.

“There has been a request from a property owner to rezone their property because in Conemaugh Township, the only zoning district that allows surface mining is what we call the RR district, stands for rural residential district,” said Conemaugh Township solicitor, William Gleason Barbin.

While the request was heard, no decisions have been made as of right now.

“Township supervisors heard the request tonight, They heard a single objection tonight and they’re not ready to make a decision whether or not they want to do that or not.”

The zoning request is just the start of the process for the mining company. The township supervisors along with other local institutions still have many steps ahead if there was to be an approval.

“If they did wish to do that, they would have me draft up a zoning map change, We would send that down to the county planning commission for comment. The Conemaugh Township Planning Commission would schedule a public meeting and advertise that in the paper. The township zoning officer would post the property with the dates of the public meeting at the planning commission. Planning commission would make their comments and then the Conemaugh Township Supervisors would schedule a public hearing where they take testimony under oath, and at the end of that, decide whether it was justified to change the zoning map.”

The next supervisors meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, at 6:00 p.m.

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