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Pennsylvania Fairness Act

A bill intended to protect against LGBTQ+ rights passed through the PA House yesterday. The vote was 102-98 in favor of the “Fairness Act.”

Officials said the intent is to give those in the LGBTQ+ community protections like they would with race.

Supporters say LGBTQ+ people in Pennsylvania can be discriminated in employment, housing, and other areas.

They said there is a bill protecting against discrimination for race, religion, age, gender, and disabilities, and they want to add the LGBTQ+ community to that.

Those opposing the bill said they are concerned it would force doctors to assist in gender change surgeries on minors even if they disagreed for religious or medical reasons.

Opposers said this bill goes too far and should not use the word “discrimination” in it.

Pa State Representative of 78th district Jesse Topper said, “Discrimination is wrong, but again changing the definition of the word discrimination and using it as a tool to silence those who disagree with you on these very sensitive issues, that’s a bridge too far and that’s what this bill did.”

Most state representatives said they were busy in Harrisburg and could not talk today about the bill.

The bill will now have to pass through the State Senate before Governor Shapiro would be able to approve.

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