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Nursing Home Staffing Requirements

The real possibility of having to limit the number of patients that local nursing homes can take care of is an ongoing discussion.

This follows Federal Regulations, by Vice President Kamala Harris increasing nursing home staff requirements on an already strained industry.

Reporter Stoker Wieczorek shows us how facility leaders in our region say are dealing with the changes.

“The new requirements come at a time where we don’t have enough staff.”

“It’s just mandating a ratio that, by the way, not a single facility in the State of Pennsylvania currently meets.”

Nursing home leaders, both local and abroad say their resources are now being strained more than what already was.

This after Vice President, Kamala Harris, announced Federal Requirements for nursing home staffing.

The new rules state registered nurses must be available 24/7 at facilities.

They also require staff to spend up to almost 4 hours a day with residents.

“It shows what is optimal staffing, and they’re now calling it minimum staffing. Which is just not appropriate. On any given day, you have a call off, you have a staffing challenge, and we believe our residents below that
number are still safe and well cared for.”

According to Susie Tack Beardsley, with Quality Life Services, because this mandate is not funded, that in itself poses its own challenges of employee pay, and retention.

“For almost everybody in healthcare, it is a challenge to find staff. Specifically, Nurses Aides, LPN’s, RN’s. We’re not alone in that. There is a real shortage.”


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