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Johnstown Police Department Receives 3D Mapping Device

New equipment at the Johnstown Police Department could help when responding to emergency situations at schools.

Reporter Brock Owens tells us what capabilities the equipment has and how police say it could help security in the area.

Johnstown Police received a Mobile Crime Unit that can take finger prints, Foot prints Or measuring blood trajectory a few months ago according to Police Chief Richard Pritchard.

He says a new $120-thousand dollar 3d camera system that the department was able to pay for with grant money will now add to the mobile crime unit Being able to reconstruct crime scenes.

“We’ll use this at any crime scene that we have, any major crime scene. We’ll use it for single car crashes, fatalities, serious injury.”

He says this equipment could significantly help them in court cases.

“So that the jury can actually view the crime scene as it was when we arrived.”

But the new equipment is also planned on being used for creating a 3d map of the inside of each school in the Johnstown School District and Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center.

“In the event of an incident we can actually view the school in three dimensions while our officers are going through the hallways and looking for threats.”


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