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New York Woman Sentenced For Aggravated Assault

Authorities say a New York woman who was arrested last summer after she shot the Cameron County District Attorney, at his private law office, has pleaded guilty and has been sentenced to serve up to eight years in state prison.

Porice Mincy was charged in the June 14th shooting of Cameron County DA Paul Malizia at his private office in Emporium Borough.

Prosecutors say Mincy had pleaded guilty to felony aggravated assault and was sentenced to serve 4 to 8 years behind bars.

“This brazen act of violence is particularly disturbing because it involves an armed individual shooting an elected official sworn to serve and protect his community, I commend District Attorney Malizia for his continued commitment to his community despite this traumatic assault.”

Investigators say Mincy reportedly showed up at Malizia’ office, without an appointment, and demanded to speak with him about a deed transfer.

Authorities say the altercation escalated with Mincy becoming “belligerent.”

Police say she then shot Malizia in the leg and fled the scene.

Investigators note that Malizia was treated and released from the hospital in the same day.

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