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National EMS Week Educational Event

The Conemaugh Township EMS team hosted experts from the Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center to discuss carbon monoxide emergencies and stop the bleed training Monday evening.

Located in Somerset County, Conemaugh Township EMS officials say they held their educational event to kick off national EMS week. Officials say the lecture session aimed to refresh local medical professionals on issues facing their community. It featured two informational sessions led by emergency physicians from Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center.

“The first one is on carbon monoxide emergencies. There had been some recent incidents, and we wanted to kind of just refresh everyone on what to do for those. The second one is on the administration of blood in the prehospital setting because that’s one of the new topics we’re able to do in the field,”

Audience members included fire rescue officials, police officers, local disaster assistance team members, and EMS officials. Forry says the event was a great opportunity for emergency responders to join together.

“We’re doing this to celebrate EMS week. This is actually the 50th EMS week, and they have different themes for each day. One of those is education, so we’re just trying to do our part to provide some education for our EMS friends and its always a good time when we get together.”

Forry says continuing education is extremely important when it comes to emergency response.

“We can always be learning. In the medical field, everything is constantly changing. So, to be able to get together like this and ask questions and have the expertise of the doctors that’ll be presenting tonight is invaluable to us,”

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