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Mix Up With Two Schools And 1st Summit Arena

The song ‘I want to know what love is’ by the 70’s band foreigner *was* the one that Central Cambria High School music students thought they were going to sing. Only to realize that an error, which officials say was made by another promoter was to blame.

This roughly a week after Conemaugh Township High School choir students were told they will be singing with the band for one song.

1st summit arena officials say they still have the part but say because of a staff error at Seven Mountains Media Radio, both Conemaugh and Central Cambria schools were told that their kids would be singing with foreigner, and only 1 group was allowed. They say they had no part in organizing what was supposed to be a contest between schools for the part.

“I’ve spoken to residents of Central Cambria, and they have conveyed to me how students are disappointed, parents are disappointed, the school community is disappointed, and we share in that disappointment with them. It would be a tremendous thing to see all of the students be able to perform on stage with the band.”

“The kids were so excited, got them organized, they rearranged their schedules, and other events within the school calendar were removed to accommodate for this. And then trying to find out some of the details for the event, I was contacting the people with Seven Mountains Media, and slowly they stopped responding to me.”

Duman says when Seven Mountains Media realized their error, they stopped answering her. She says 1st Summit Arena and the band, Foreigner, have been making accommodations for students and families affected. “It was an adult error that resulted in students being disappointed, and at the end of the day, there wasn’t even an apology or anything, and just the fact that they were not responding to messages anymore, it was extremely frustrating and disheartening.”

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