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Pa. Small Games Of Chance Law

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, The PA Crimes Code provides that all forms of gambling are illegal unless the Pennsylvania Legislature authorizes the gambling activity by statute.

Raffles, pools, and drawings seem to be benign forms of gambling but they still apply to the Pennsylvania law. The PA Small Games of Chance Law authorizes certain non-profit organizations. and for-profit taverns to conduct limited types of gambling.

organizations. and for-profit taverns to conduct limited types of gambling.

State Senator Wayne Langerholc Jr. organized a special presentation to address this topic.

“We get questions from time to time throughout our office in regards to these small games of chance on what is eligible, what isn’t eligible, Fire companies, different organizations that are really curious as to what they can do.”

Small Games of Chance laws require different permits and licenses depending on the organization and type of event that is happening which can lead to confusion.

“We want to inform these organizations on the Small Games of Chance Act laws, To keep them in compliance with what they’re doing and be able to generate the most proceeds for their organizations and benefit their communities.”

We asked Burns about what are some of the most common types of mistakes people make when it comes to the Small Games of Chance Laws.

“People think that on a raffle ticket they have to give away half of the money that they generate and that’s not necessarily correct, They don’t realize that someone whose name is on a raffle stub has to be 18 years of age. People that sell tickets have to be someone over 18 years of age.”

For more information on the Small Games of Chance Laws you can contact the office of State Senator Wayne Langerholc.


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