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Loraine / Stoneycreek Hiking Trail

The Lorain/Stonycreek hiking trails are offering hikers a whole new view of the city – this time at night.

The idea started back in January but organizers say that temperatures were too cold and interest was too low.

Now however, people are flocking to see the park at night and get a view of Johnstown like no other.

“Hiking at night is a whole different experience, It just brings a whole different view to when you go hiking. You can hike the trail during the day and then do it that night and it’s totally different It’s a real kind of community get together where everybody kind of talks to one another and gets to know one another and that’s trails are all about is making news friends.”

The hikes will be held during each full moon this coming year, the next one being on Tuesday at 6pm.

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