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Johnstown Deadly Shooting Suspect In Court

The suspect accused of killing a Hornerstown man and wounding a woman in a double shooting at Oakhurst Homes last September appeared in court Tuesday where his case was continued.

In October, Jashon Gordon was arrested in Ohio in connection to the Sept. 22 shooting that claimed the life of 19-year-old Emerald Nugent Jr.

Officials say Nugent died of multiple gunshot wounds and his death was ruled a homicide.

“We asked for a continuance on the case, because my team and I need a little more time to investigate. To put together our preliminary hearing strategy. It takes time. This is a homicide case, and we don’t take these cases lightly. You have to go into it; you have to take your time with a very deliberate approach, and that’s what we’re doing,”

Authorities say three witnesses came forward and reported hearing several gunshots coming from the upstairs bedroom of the apartment where the shooting took place.

Police say one witness claimed that Gordon arrived at the apartment asking to see his child prior to the shooting.

Police say a second witness also claimed that the woman who survived the shooting was allegedly in a relationship with both Nugent and Gordon, and stated that she and Gordon reportedly had a child together.

According to the affidavit, police say officers later recovered the gun used in the shooting, which was reportedly in the possession of a minor at the time it was found.

Police noted that the gun was registered to Gordon’s older brother.

Authorities say Gordon’s family members stated that he did have access to the firearm and that they were unaware that the gun was missing.

After being continued for a fourth time, Gordon’s preliminary hearing is now scheduled for Feb. 27.

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