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Jerry Sandusky Hearing

He’s been jailed for well over a decade but convicted child abuser Jerry Sandusky continues to fight for a new trial as another hearing in his appeal process was held Thursday in Centre County.

Sandusky was convicted in 2012 on more than 40 criminal charges, but was not in the courtroom Thursday where his trial took place.

“His health is not as good as it was. He could not come here today because of his health issues. He was disappointed that he didn’t get a chance to hear everything,” his lawyer said.

Sandusky’s attorney Al Lindsay filed a new appeal a few months ago.

One issue in the appeal focuses on recovered repressed memory.

Many of Sandusky’s accusers initially denied that he had abused them, then later changed their stories.

Lindsay wants a new hearing with an expert who questions the memory counseling for the Sandusky accusers.

Prosecutors though have simply replied that the time is up for new evidence that they feel has already been reviewed and rejected in previous post trial hearings.

Lindsay admits that he’s facing an uphill legal battle.

“See, what we’re asking in there, would you listen, would you please listen? We have a witness who is one of the foremost experts in America and can we just present him? Why don’t you just listen to him?”

The presiding judge will issue a decision on a new hearing at a later date, although the judge on Thursday did lower Sandusky’s restitution in the case from over $90,000 to about $44,700.

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