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Jefferson County Wildfire Contained

3 days after the start of a massive wildfire in Jefferson County, Fire Officials said on Friday that the wildfire was contained. It was only Wednesday when smoke and ash billowed over a ridge overlooking the Clarion River. Video shows what the Wildfire looked like last Thursday when standing in the middle of the River. Most of the Wildfire may be gone — but the smell of burnt organic matter still hangs in the air.

Fire Safety Officer of Allegheny National Forest John Fry saying: “We are monitoring the current fire danger. Current activity (Friday) is mopping up and improving the existing fire line that was created (Thursday) and going after any internal smokes that be may become an issue later (Friday) or (Saturday).”

Sigel Volunteer Fire Department Chief David Smith tells us the Wildfire began Wednesday afternoon. Fire Crews from a number of Counties — along with EMS — worked hours upon hours through night and day to contain the wildfire. John Fry adding: “We had 17 Volunteer Fire Departments. We had a search and rescue agency as well. And then just the coordination with Bureau of Forestry and the Allegheny, that’s a huge, concerted effort to suppress this fire. And we had no injuries doing that. So, just kudos to all the responding agencies.”

As for how many acres the wildfire consumed, Fire Officials note that there are conflicting reports about how many acres were impacted. Fry saying: “We’re still working on the map and it’s approximately 500 acres. We will reduce that when we have a better map produced. And we should have that by the end of today.”

However, the likelihood of more wildfires throughout the warm-weather months remains. John Fry adding: “With the current weather and expected weather through the weekend, it is forecasted to get a little bit of rain and then it’s gonna start drying back up. But this is Spring Fire Season for Pennsylvania, so things are gonna dry back up. So, there is another chance of wildfires, when things dry back up.”

As of the time of recording, no word from Authorities about the cause or any potential causes of the fire as they investigate the matter.

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