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Insulin Cost Update

Despite the new insulin cap, many diabetics are still asking themselves how they are going to pay for their medication each day.

While the price of insulin was capped at 35$ for some Medicare patients, other people are still left struggling, especially those who are underinsured or without medical insurance completely. Highlands Health, a local free clinic in Johnstown, spoke about what options are left for those who were not included in the insulin cap.

“Here at the clinic we don’t want them to make a choice between food or rent or a lifesaving drug, like insulin, so we encourage them to come here and we do whatever we can, Either to qualify them for Medicare, help them with insurances or supply them with insulin. Individuals who need insulin and don’t fall into the Medicare cost savings should shop around. They should call different pharmacies, some of the large retail stores and shop around for the best price.”

Roughly 11% of people in Pennsylvania have diabetes which is just slightly above the national average. Many of them won’t see a difference in insulin price.

“People are confused with this 35-dollar deal, They’re confused they don’t understand. They have to realize that it’s only for insulin. Folks are on other forms of diabetic medication. It does not cover that We have seen children, teenagers who needed insulin for type one diabetes and I have seen mothers who are type one diabetic stop taking the insulin so she can give it to her teenage son. That’s not a fair decision to have to make. No one should have to make that decision to not have to have that drug.”

The price cap only covers insulin and skips over many of the other medications that are used as treatment for diabetes.

“It’s not just about insulin, it’s the whole realm of diabetic medication that should be considered for price reduction and for a cap, it’s a life saving drug,”

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