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Heated Johnstown City Council Meeting

Protests continued at the Johnstown City Council on Monday against the disbursement of ARPA funds.

Representatives from Jefferson Memorial Church showed up again to the meeting in order to protest a decision made by the city to deny them funds from the 30.5 million federal ARPA, or the American Rescue Plan Act.

The Jefferson Memorial Church and their Destiny Outreach program which provides meals for local children was one of 22 applications that was denied by the city.

This time not only did the pastor of the church voice his concerns but also younger members who actively help with the program. Each of them were addressing the council asking them to reconsider.

“I would like us to be thought about, I would like for us to get the funding and be able to provide as much as we want for these kids because not as many kids have what they need nowadays.”

A lot of the confusion stems from organizations not knowing why they were denied their applications for funding.

“Organizations were asked to fill out an application and provide specific documentation, Some organizations did not provide much documentation to support their request. Other denials occurred because they occasionally received more money during the pandemic. Certain businesses and non-profits received more money during the pandemic because their services were used more. Some businesses like carry-out organizations and things like that. Others were denied again because they had incomplete applications.”

To support the Jefferson Memorial Church Destiny Outreach program you can:

– Email Bishop McGauley at

– Call (814) 242-6933

– Or send mail to 325 William Penn Ave. Johnstown, PA 15901

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