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Feel Good Fridays – July 7th

Here are your Feel Good Friday Stories for Friday, July 7th, brought to you by Altoona First Savings Bank!

A fully-functioning Fiat earned the title of the “Lowest Car in the World.” How low can you go? In the custom lowrider car game — that’s the question. A group of talented chop-shop enthusiasts in Italy sank to new lows by creating what’s being called the World’s Lowest Car you can actually drive!

The fully functioning Fiat Panda was literally cut in half and re-engineered by the Car-tists at the Carmagheddon Collective. The result is a mind-bending effect that makes it look like the car is swimming through the pavement! The fact that the creation resembles a glitch from Grand Theft Auto is perhaps fitting, considering the steering wheel was replaced with more of a video game controller so the cramped Driver inside this kooky custom ride can get the lowdown while they lay down, cruisin’ all around town — inches from the ground.

Speaking of making cuts, you may have seen video of a crafty crop artist in Missouri working on a wheat field welcome for pop superstar Taylor Swift. Well, it’s finally finished and it is impressive! Swift’s Eras Tour was in Kansas City this past weekend and Rob Stouffer of Precisionmazes spent his time and trimming talents preparing this Taylor-made welcome that he hopes the star got to see on her way into town. Stouffer saying: “We kind of think this is the quintessential welcome to the Midwest and to the Heartland.”

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