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Feel Good Fridays – Friday, June 30th

Here is your Feel Good Friday Stories for Friday, June 30th, brought to you by Altoona First Savings Bank.

A family who lost their home in a Tornado is feeling grateful after winning $2 Million from the Power Ball Lottery. Tammy Gordy says she realized she won big when she used the lottery mobile app to check some lottery tickets she had in her purse. She says she was in complete shock when the results of one of the tickets showed that she was suddenly a millionaire. Gordy saying: “I called my boss and told them I needed to take Monday and Tuesday off because I won 2 Million from the Power Ball. And he says; Well, congratulations if you’re not April Fooling me!” No April Fools there, she says she’ll use part of her winning to finish the home that her and her husband are building, adding that they are now getting to splurge on things like a walk-in closet and a Jacuzzi, among other things. Congrats to them!

A Virginia Non-profit, Tribute Aviation, is flying high in an effort to reduce Veteran suicides. The Organization was recently founded by Retired Naval-Aviator Kurt Muller, whose goal is to recognize, honor and help Veterans that may be facing challenges integrating into post-military service, using flying as a type of Therapy for Veterans. Veteran Mike Fasnacht saying: “It takes your mind off of… if you’re stuck in that rut, and it lets you see that there’s bigger and better things out there and enjoy life.” After a recent flight, the Veterans said they felt a special connection to the WWII era planes they flew.

Also in Virginia, a baby horse is now able to get the care and nourishment she needs, thanks to a Foster Horse. Her mother died after she was born and her owner took to Social Media asking for help. Another horse owner, who she had never met before, stepped up offering her horse for free. She drove more than an hour to pick up the mare named Beauty, hoping that it would be a good fit. The mare, who had kids of her own before, was able to step right in to fill that motherly void. Beauty is expect to stay with the baby horse until she is about 6 months old. Her owner says that she hopes Beauty can continue to be a Foster Mare for other baby horses in need in the future. Owner of the baby, Paula Hursey saying: “For someone to take off property, having never even met us, we thought that was just mind-blowing. We just couldn’t believe it.” Beauty’s Owner Tracy Kiefer saying: “I just wanted Beauty to be happy, whether it be taking care of another baby or standing in the field. Being down there watching her with the baby, I knew she was happy.”

There is a new Canine Retirement Community in Baraboo, WI. It’s a new home for old dogs and the founders are calling it “a new leash on life” for sick dogs, dogs with incontinence, dogs with dementia and other ailments. Jane’s Journey Home opened it’s doors earlier in June. There are now 7 Senior Residents, free to roam and enjoy the 36 acre property. They get medical care as well as plenty of freedom and space. Jane’s Journey Home was inspired by Jane Barton, who died of cancer in 2013 and wanted to be remember for her love of dogs. She wanted old and ailing pets to have a comfortable place to spend their final years.

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