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Firework Sales

With Independence Day coming up, you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more fireworks in the skies of our region. We spoke to a Cambria County woman selling fireworks about how sales are going so far this year.

Alexus Scarr, Firework Salesperson with Phantom Fireworks saying: “The 26th was our first day, our last day will be on the 4th.” Alexus Scarr is selling fireworks from a large white tent for Phantom Fireworks in a Richland Township shopping plaza for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. Scarr adding: “as far as I know were the only Phantom tent in Pennsylvania right now, but I’m pretty sure there’s other firework tents, but were the only phantom tent right now.”

Scarr is selling a wide variety of products as well, all the way from fireworks to smokebombs and sparklers. Scarr saying: “people like the sparklers, stuff like that like the little things for the kids.” Although the Fourth of July was just a few days away at the time of filming, Scarr says business hasn’t been too busy, but she remains hopeful. Scarr saying: “The last couple days it’s been pretty good, we’ve had about like five or six sales a day. We hope to get more since the weather is breaking and stuff like that and we’ll be closer to the holiday. We’re usually here from like 10 to 7 the first couple days and then later, closer to the holiday well be here probably until about 9.”

When they close up shop on the 4th is when Scarr’s Fourth celebrations of her own will begin with family, friends and of course fireworks! Scarr saying: “I know for my family; we love on the 4th to have a big cookout and do a bunch of fireworks at night and stuff like that. That’s probably what we’ll be doing. We just make sure they’re at a good distance from the house and stuff like that. When they do, when they are done going off, we usually dump water on them to make sure like they’re not going to reignite.”

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