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Dubois City Council Meeting

Dubois City Council held a meeting this evening where they discussed a resolution surrounding former City Manager Herm Suplizio, and Police Chief Blaine Clark who is currently on paid administrative

City council will have a resolution to “formally terminate” the former city manager during next week’s meeting.

Suplizio will have approximately 15 days to give notice to request a hearing before the council.

If Suplizio doesn’t request the hearing, the city will move forward with termination.

Suplizio was indicted on 5 federal counts accusing him of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in city funding.

Interim City Solicitor Thomas Breth explains his legal advice to council on the decision to terminate Suplizio’s contract.

“I’ve given a legal opinion to council with respect to his contract. I don’t believe that contract would be enforceable, so if they terminate him we don’t, my advice to council is they have no legal obligation to fulfill that contract.”

An internal investigation is underway in response to a complaint made against Police Chief Blaine Clark. At this time officials are not commenting on what the complaint was, however Shawn McCleary will serve as the interim Police Chief until the investigation is complete.

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