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Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center Update

The future for healthcare in our region is under the microscope as lawmakers and hospital leaders meet.

Plus spreading rumors of Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center being sold by Duke Lifepoint

Reporter Stoker Wieczorek has more on what are administrators revealing at this time.

“We just wanted to make sure that with the 10 doctors that we weren’t seeing the end.”

Those 10 doctors mentioned, were let go back in January, from the Conemaugh Medical Park building on One Tech Drive.

Now, Duke Lifepoint’s 10-year-investment commitment with Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, is nearing its end.

In 2014, Conemaugh Health System and its hospitals were purchased by Duke Lifepoint Healthcare.

Medical leaders say they want to make it clear that they are here to stay.

“We received these calls from our constituents who are concerned, and it’s nice to know if they’re staying, or if they’re going to go.”

State House Representative, Jim Rigby, says this meeting between Senator Wayne Langerholc, Conemaugh leaders and He was scheduled before alleged rumors of the hospital being sold by Duke Lifepoint were circulating.

“They shared with us that there is no desire to sell. Their motto is that we are going to build and grow. Their intentions are to stay right here where they are.”

According to Rigby, they say the net hiring of employees is far outweighing the people leaving.

Medical leaders also say they are also looking to buy more ambulances to increase availability of them in case of demanding times.


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