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Cosmetology Program Staying Put

The Greater Johnstown School District unanimously voted against the absorption of their cosmetology program by the Greater Johnstown Career Tech Center earlier this evening.

Students, parents, teachers, and even concerned neighbors showed up to speak against the school board’s proposition to have their high school’s cosmetology program transferred to the Greater Johnstown Career Tech Center.

Citing school bus shortages, long commutes, the loss of a favorite teacher at the school and even the suddenness of the decision that came without warning , several people took the stand to voice their concerns.

After listening to the issues that were raised, the board took an executive session and then came back with a unanimous decision not to go forward with the transfer and keep the program in-house.

“I feel full of hope, Sometimes you think that there isn’t a reason to voice your opinion or reason for anyone to think that there is a democracy. I think our kids had a very teachable moment. This was all a surprise to me. What you do everyday matters. They learn by role models and they learn by being that family.”

The school board’s decision also evoked a strong response in the students that showed up to support their program.

“it was a lot happening and I was a little scared when they first came in, but hearing them say that we get to stay and keep our program I actually started crying. It means the world to me that we get to continue where we started.”

Other students emphasized the importance that their teacher, Ms. Behe, has to them.

“If we would have lost Ms. Behe, I would have been very upset because she’s more than a teacher, She’s a mother to us.”

“I was very happy that we got to see Ms. Behe speak up for what she believes in.”

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