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Cambria County Man Sentenced to Life

Joshua Gorgone was sentenced to life in prison this morning and while the family of Denise Williams is happy about that decision

They say no punishment will ever be good enough.

Family members of 54-year-old Denise Williams of Johnstown describe her as outgoing, loving, and caring.

“There was never a dull moment with her. You knew when she was around. She made everybody laugh.”

Denise was stabbed to death last April during a Facebook Marketplace transaction when she was attempting to purchase a refrigerator.

Her convicted killer Joshua Gorgone who will now be spending the rest of his life in prison

“Him getting a life sentence isn’t good enough. Nothing will ever be good enough because he took my mom.”

At the sentencing hearing Tuesday Karlee & about 20 others packed into the courtroom wearing these Purple shirts in memory of Denise the prosecution among those showing support

“We felt like part of the family. It was really difficult to not become emotional, not become attached to the family members, and not feel like we wanted to do the absolute best job we possibly could for Denise.”

“This was a very sad case, and we believe it’s an appropriate sentence, in order to one, protect the community, but two, also to punish for a truly heinous act.”

During the emotional hearing five of Denise’s family members gave their final messages to Gorgone before he was taken away in handcuffs

Calling him a monster saying he took away more than he could ever realize and expressing their anger over his lack of remorse.

“He’ll never feel the pain that he caused us. No matter what they could sentence him too, what they do to him in prison, he will never feel the pain that he caused my family.”

Not only is Denise with her family in spirit but she’s also present in these necklaces where her ashes lay close to their hearts.

“We carry her with us. She’s in our hearts and in our necklaces, but she’s not here where she needs to be with our family.”

The family members told me that they’ve always been a strong family unit but they have grown to be stronger now

As they continue to work to get justice for Denise.

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