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Charges Filed Against Fire Chief

Authorities with the Centre County District Attorney’s office say charges have been filed against the former Gregg Township fire chief after a state audit of the department’s relief association discovered over $25,000 in missing funds.

Investigators say Darin Bressler served as the treasurer for the department’s relief association and an audit revealed two incidents of suspected criminal activity.

Authorities say, upon further investigation, Bressler allegedly admitted to making 18 cash withdrawals, totaling over $25,000, from the association’s bank account, but claimed that the money “was NOT stolen.”

Investigators say Bressler told authorities that the money had reportedly been used to purchase a new fire engine for the department.

According to the affidavit, Bressler was given a deadline to repay the missing the funds, but authorities say he failed to do so.

In October, investigators say Bressler admitted to taking the money and using it to pay off credit cards and other bills.

The Gregg Township Fire Department confirmed that Bressler previously served as fire chief and he has since resigned.

Bressler faces charges of felony theft and receiving stolen property.

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