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CFA Grants Awarded

Sandyvale Memorial Gardens and Conservancy was presented with a check for $7,500 in their greenhouse Tuesday afternoon.

They’ll use that money to build a garage to house landscaping equipment and add restroom facilities while expanding their purpose.

“This is so important for Sandyvale. Having this grant will enable us to finish the building inside so we can have seminars and programming for the community, and especially the low income neighborhoods where Sandyvale resides,”

Sandyvale is just one of 87 organizations across Cambria, Somerset, Bedford, and Indiana counties to receive grant funding.

It’s from the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies.

President Mike Kane says they distributed over $336,000 during their Fall 2023 grant cycle.

“Thriving nonprofits make a better community. They improve our quality of life, they improve the lives of the people in the community. Nonprofits are a critical element,”

Over the years, Sandyvale has received nearly $200,000 in grant funding from the Community Foundation.

But how does it work?

“We think it’s really important to have strong nonprofits. We’re grateful that we have donors who share that with us. They give us funds, we endow them, we invest them, we take the earnings. The earnings the investment return of those funds — is what you’re seeing distributed in our region. It’s a wonderful virtuous circle,”

It’s to keep the staples of our community, like Sandyvale, the backdrop of our community for years to come.

“Sandyvale has a lot of components that it satisfies in the community. It’s just a wonderful space for the city,”

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