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CFA Grants Awarded

The Community foundation for the Alleghenies recently awarded grants to 31 different nonprofits within somerset county. This money is being used to help with payroll, PPE, and other finances to help them stay afloat during the pandemic.

The Community Foundations for the Alleghenies gifted nearly half a million dollars to organizations throughout Somerset County. One of which was Somerset Inc., which relies on membership funds from around 100 different businesses.

“I mean that’s like half of our operating costs is membership. And then we have events. Which also this year, events are a huge financial generator for nonprofits, even though we have been able to have flexible form of our events, they have been much reduced very different and obviously less of a financial benefit for us.”

Another grant recipient is Trinity Lutheran Child Care and Learning Center, who received $10,000. The nonprofit daycare cares for 62 children, from birth to 13 years old. Director, Judy Jurgevich says because of the pandemic, they saw an increase in need for employees and longer hours.

“When schools shut down and all the parents continue to work, they are without options. So we have a large amount of kids that are in our program that need to attend their zoom meetings throughout the day, they need to get their homework done and most of them are here in 5:30 in the evening so. It does take a lot of time and a lot of attention.”

Most importantly, these grants will allow nonprofits … to continue their work for the community.

“That honestly means so much and it continues to allow us to keep doing what we are doing for our small business partners. We are so committed to this community and we are very grateful to continue.”

Officials with CFA say this is the last of the grant money unless the federal government passes additional funding.

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