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Cambria County Gas Leak

We spoke with local officials Monday about the ongoing investigation into a natural gas leak in Cambria County that began over the weekend.

Authorities with the Cambria County Department of Emergency Services announced Sunday night that the high-pressure leak occurred at a natural gas station along Dishong Mountain Road.

The company who owns and operates the gas well, Equitrans Midstream, as well as county emergency officials say they do not yet know what caused the leak but they continue to stress that there are no threat or safety concerns for nearby residents.

However, several residents reached out to us to express their displeasure with the loud hissing sound that the leak is making and the consistent smell of natural gas in the area.

Officials we spoke with on Monday say the leak “poses no threat to the public” because it is in an isolated area.

Investigators say if the leak had occurred in a more populated area, then evacuations would have been ordered.

“There were no reports of any injuries, evacuations of property owners were not necessary and there were no immediate public safety concerns.”

An Equitrans company spokesperson confirmed that the gas is leaking from a storage facility located in the area of Rager Mountain/Dishong Mountain Road, near Route 22, and that the loud, hissing sound is being cause by the venting gas.

“They (crews) have deployed the necessary equipment to restrict the venting gas, and it is expected to take 24-48 hours to set up and halt the venting. Once the venting is halted, they will do a thorough and complete root cause analysis.”

Local residents can call 888-574-6944, which is an active community hotline available to provide general updates about the gas leak or other concerns.


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