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Cambria County Catalytic Converter Thefts

Three Johnstown businesses said they have all recently been a victim to having catalytic converters stolen from their company trucks.

Best Window and Door Company in the West End, Young American Furniture in Geistown, and Roxbury Tires in Roxbury are the three companies.

Officials said metals that make the part, particularly platinum, make catalytic converters worth thousands of dollars.

Businesses said up to $10,000 of out-of-pocket expenses were incurred from these incidents.

They said in each case, the alleged thieves were able to avoid security cameras on the outside of the company’s buildings.

In Bucks County, a multi-million-dollar ring of catalytic converter thefts led to the arrests of 11 individuals. Investigators said they were targeting the buyers of the catalytic converters in that case, not just the thieves.

Johnstown Police said they are starting an investigation into the incidents in Johnstown.

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