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Broadtop City Old-Timers Baseball Game

This year marks the 61st anniversary for the Broad Top Old Timers Baseball game, where past players from the area reunite.

The Labor Day celebration features the induction ceremony for the new members of the organization’s hall of fame.

This year, there were five new members honored. There were also awards given out to Tussey Mountain high school’s 2023 softball and baseball MVPs.

The Old Timers game took place right after the award ceremony.

The president of the Old Timers says this is a special weekend for everyone involved and discussed how it felt to be the one to welcome some of his former teammates into the hall of fame.

“It means so much to me because the team we played on, my father actually started that team, and we had 10 years of him coaching and me playing together and those guys that were on that team that we now recognize in the hall of fame. I know how proud he would be and what it would have meant to him to see this happening today,” said Allan Swope, Broad Top Old Timers Baseball President.

The annual game is part of the Robertsdale Wood/Broad Top Fire Company homecoming fair.

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